How a Vision of a Happier You Can Motivate You

Anxiety Series: Develop an Overcome Picture

Does anxiety creep into your life, into your day? Do you worry? Is your life limited because you are too worried to go out and be with other people? Are you too afraid to go into that parking deck? To give a work presentation?

There could be a myriad of other things that anxiety is stopping you from participating in.

If you’ve been reading my anxiety series blog posts, you already have an idea of how anxiety works, and how to breathe into your bodily sensations. I hope this has been helpful to learn.

At this point, it’s even better to develop a vision of how your life will be improved if you can get this anxiety creep out of your life.

If you no longer had any anxiety, how would your life be improved?

Are there things you’d enjoy doing? Places you’d like to go? Things you’d like to accomplish? Would you work less hours, and spend more hours at home with your loved ones?

Would you eat healthier food because you won’t be eating late night ice cream to stuff anxiety down? Maybe you’d be healthier. Relaxed. Calmer.

For today’s challenge, try and picture what your life would be like without anxiety.

What would be brighter, easier, happier?

You can then use this happier picture to give you motivation to fight against anxiety. The next blog post in this series will discuss a way to do be a good offensive player to your anxiety. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, after creating your happier vision of your life, remember this vision when you feel anxious or afraid. This will help give you energy and desire to overcome your fears.

Until we get to the next blog post, what are things in your happier vision for the better? I’d love to hear them!

Today’s topic of developing your happier picture, was brought to me by Dr. Reid Wilson, who called this an Outcome Picture.


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